Road trip in Death Valley playlist

death valley playlist

Vast, boundless and unequal… Death Valley deserves a marbled and uneven playlist to drive along the diverse artists’ palette of nuances and emotions this magnificent park evokes.

Ain’t No Easy Way Out… of Death Valley. So easy to fall in love

by B.R.M.C  ‘Ain’t No Easy Way’ (San Francisco)

This playlist is designed to reflect how mixed and appealing California can be. From gigantic and covered-in-snow mountains to massive dry extensions such as Death Valley. Glorious land!

The next-door neighbour eclectic band, Calexico, from Arizona along with the Texan, Kevin Morby, represent the most ponderous and driest parts of this land. Arizona is next to California, south of Nevada and west of New Mexico. You can feel the heat in there. Death Valley is at the edge of all these extremes, you can see yucca trees white in snow at the top of the mountains or a denude and thirsty flat area has taken the corona elsewhere. Morby is around to add some hope at the end of the desert, a hymn talking about injustice –  the death of Eric Garner, strangled by 2 NY police agents in 2014 because he was allegedly selling single cigarettes without tax stamps. How crazy this world can be. Hurt from the Clevelanders, Nine Inch Nails, would be the most dramatic tune.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre from San Francisco, Les Deux Love Orchestra from Hollywood and Red Hot Chili Peppers are the only bands directly from California in this playlist.

 Fluctuating music. Mixed landscapes

Sand, desert, dunes – places where you feel you’re actually hearing the beating of immensity. Touched by the First Light and the pink in the South Californian sky. Driving along miles and miles of road and dust escorted by mucho palm trees. Some living under a bridge letting things happen and some others, living the BIG American dream, the electric bloom, their so awaited heaven. California is about extremes – so is this playlist.

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