The Rockies and BC playlist

When I remember British Columbia, I picture a wide range of gray and green nuances. Almost every night we heard the rain drumming when it fell on our cheap tent. We were helplessly waiting for the first drops to squeeze in and hole in the impermeability of our sleep. Luckily and most surprisingly it did not happen. But as for water… we were surrounded by far more water than land. For a fact, this province’s coast, including its islands, is over 25,000 kilometers (15,000 miles).

British Columbia is a place that appeals you to drive along its coast, overshadowed by its lush forests. It’s not hard to come across some First Nations’ reserves on the go (where you do look as THE ONE visitor). We cherish a special memory of one of these moments.

We spent the morning in the Pacific Rim National Park until it started to rain and then we decided it would be a good time to leave. Once in front of the car, blast, we discovered we had lost the car keys somewhere in the park… We were lucky and could manage to find them after some hours and before it started to get too cold. And so we drove to Ucluelet, up north. After kilometers of dense parks and hot springs, the rain suddenly stopped and was replaced by some hungry sunbeams and a town mysteriously showed in front of us. After the storm, there was just silence – only the aboriginal kids’ pedaling filled the air with mysticism and beauty. We had stepped into the  Toquaht First Nation and Melody Day resounded in the background. I still get goosebumps when I now listen to this song. That moment was so close to perfection.


Local musicians from British Columbia

A land of voluptuous nature… and so are the musicians. Among them, the well-known jazz stars Michael Bublé and Diana Krall; the greatest fan of the Summer of ’69, Bryan Adams; Sarah McLachlan (the west-coast Celine Dion); or the pop star Nelly Furtado.

The sweet voice of Louise Burns and the band You Say Party, both could perfectly fit in Drive OST. The peaceful Kathryn Calder, Allison Crowe, the beautiful melodies of Brasstronaut, Destroyer, Frazey Ford, the cover expert Kim Bingham and then we have the rockers Stephen Fearing (Americana). Yukon Blonde, Fake Tears, Unalaska, The Belle Game, Hannah Georgas, Humans with a more electropop flavor. Digging into the extreme of this genre is the experimental Tim Hecker, the eccentric Sook-Yin-Lee or the bold keyboards of Mourning Coup, which reminds me to the gifted Grimes, directly from Vancouver and now living in Montreal.

I found there’s quite a bunch of hardcore and skate punkbands. Death metal is also a recurrent genre in the streets of Vancouver. Many bands reminded me of that early 2000’s Metallica St. Anger sound.  Plus then you have quite the opposite, the perfect café tunes, elevator songs, like the jazzy ones from Ingrid Jensen, the young Oh Susanna or the original Bill Henderson.

British Columbia is the perfect symphony of colors to portray how adventurous and nostalgic life can be.

I hope you enjoy this playlist. Keep exploring places! Have a good trip!

Contact us if want to know more about our trip or the music and I’ll try to give you all the necessary information. Thank you ;).



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